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We have been doing regular and one-off cleaning for 8 years in Prague.

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Uklidova firma Praha

Periodic home cleaning

Are you the owner of the house and are you looking for a cleaning company for regular cleaning of common areas? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will create a non-binding price offer. For the revaluation, we will need the number of floors and entrances in the house to be able to calculate everything correctly.

Uklidove sluzby Praha

Periodic office cleaning

Do you need regular cleaning of offices, restaurants, cafes, shops, bistros, building cellars, hotels or other non-residential premises? Let us know. In order to tell you the price, please provide details about the area to be cleaned (the area of the areas to be cleaned in m2, the frequency of cleaning, their range, etc.)

Uklidy domacnosti Praha

One-time cleaning

We are able to provide one-time cleaning on the second day. Just keep in mind that ladies do not use cars for cleaning, so it is advisable to provide cleaning tools in advance (vacuum cleaner, mop, bucket, brush broom) and cleaning tools. In order to tell you the cleaning fee, we will need you to have space for cleaning.

Uklidy domacnosti v Praze

Professional approach. We are basing on that.

We strive to make our professional cleaning services available to everyone. We take care to ensure maximum quality of service. We use the appropriate cleaning agents and trained professionals in the field of cleaning. We have insurance coverage of damages of up to CZK 5 million.

Enter an offer and send us a message. Or you can count it yourself.

You can write or call us and tell us the extent of the work and its frequency. In the case of regular cleaning of apartment buildings the number of floors and entrances in the house, in the case of offices, restaurants, bars and other commercial space area in square meters. Or, use our online calculator and calculate the cost of cleaning work yourself

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Do not have time to clean the house? Leave it to us.

The cleaning company TOP CLASS Service provides regular and one-off cleaning of households including washing windows, ironing and other homework. Do you need to clean the apartment after reconstruction? Or are you moving and you do not have time to clean? Contact us.

pravidelne uklidy domu a kancelari Praha

We will also provide atypical cleaning work. Just ask us.

We are able to provide, for example, regular and one-off cleaning of building cells, machine cleaning of garages, winter snow cleaning, garbage disposal, large volume container, height work and much more. All this applies to Prague and its surroundings.

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Uklidova firma Praha